Friday, April 22, 2011

Carbon foot print varies by location & income..

Great new study out, available over on California Watch. Carbon footprints vary by location and income.

For a single-person household earning less than $10,000, living in California, the annual carbon footprint is about 16 tons of greenhouse gasses. But for a couple earning $90,000 living in the Bay Area, it's about 57 tons annually.

So this confirms what us normal folks have suspected all along: you cannot Buy More Stuff your way out of resource consumption. You can employ this method to assuage guilt (over what, I don't know) and impress your friends but numbers is numbers. Do people really think covering their walls and floors with VOC free paint and sustainably harvested bamboo is going to make their houses not unnecessarily large?

Ah well. And to the less well-off, with your dramatically reduced levels of consumption and consumerism, revel in the fact that you're the true eco-warriors.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great things over at Inhabitat

Inhabitat is a blog/site with the slogan "Design with save the world." Lotta great stuff over there, like this article.

I saved you, dear reader, some time by removing all of those unnecessary "filler" words and leaving only the greenwashing for you to consume and enjoy:

stylish green living Ecofabulous cradle-to-cradle green designer. eco jetsetter green girl about town phenomenal green parties, green products Ecofabulous, eco-friendly lifestyle glamorous fun. gorgeous green home Marin County, CA, cleaner, greener and healthier smart design. green home, foot pedals on sinks!

Done! Also of note: rooting out toxins in your home by repainting it with expensive, VOC-free paint when your children develop asthma. Because the air over there in Marin County is so pristine, it must be your paint. Definitely not an excuse to have something to talk about with others and repaint the house (again).

One good thing: the "greenest" piece of furniture is the one that already exists. Buy more things secondhand! Except mattresses and things that may contain bedbugs.